Monthly Archives: December 2004

And now, to tie together today’s two themes on Christianity AND chickens–with serendipity that I did, not in fact, plan at all, but am now pretty damn amused by–I give you “Madonna and Egg”! On the list of “Stuff I’d Love To Do And Don’t Have Time For” more religious icons of chickens should […]

I’ve seen five minutes of “Earthsea” so far, in which Tenar, clinging to the arm of some kind of mother priestess that I hope to god is not supposed to be Kossil, exposits at great length about being an orphan, whereupon maybe-Kossil exposits about her great faith leading the order. I think I’m going to […] Another chunk of Con art! Gawd, some day I’ll get these all up. This one features everybody’s favorite land whale. Well, my favorite land whale. (I imagine in this crowd, there’s probably a bunch of people who can quote jaw-bone and metatarsal lengths at me like baseball statistics, and who have their own favorite […]

Running off even MORE prints. Damn, it’s been a busy Christmas. Not that I’m complaining! (Psst! Rapidly approaching the point where stuff won’t arrive by the 25th. Get those orders in now! /marketing) I have accomplished the vast majority of my Christmas shopping. Some people are getting art. These people, being friends, will hopefully forgive […]

It’s James’s birthday today! He’s 31. I’ve been around him for over a decade, which mostly means that I find myself saying things occasionally like “Weaseldome!” and then thinking “Christ, I’ve been around James too long…” But that’s more just reflexive habit, since I love James dearly and am terribly glad to have him around. […]

I’m starting to think that the lunatic Christians (DISCLAIMER: Yes, there are perfectly nice, sane, good people, some of whom read my LJ, who do their very best to follow the teachings of certain carpenters, they’re not all like that, etc, etc, I’m aware of that, so let’s just get past that bit and accept […]