Monthly Archives: December 2004

Random whimsy! or This week is pretty much gonna be devoid of Real Art, because I’m in holiday frazzle, getting little art thingies ready for people, getting an extra Digger in, and I have some cover roughs to wrap up before the end of the week. But in the midst of frazzle, I […]

Streeeetchy. My father, who is just unbelievably cool, sent us an inversion table for Christmas. It’s a rack. You strap your ankles in, hang upside down on it, and it stretches your back muscles out, so they feel better if they’re sore. I know, it sounds like some kind of arcane torture device, but I […]

I have been laying down the inital passes to make concrete for another Gearworld painting–this time an ambitious 24 x 36, the size of the Twigjack or the Cardinals–and my hands have acquired the living-dead look that can best be achieved by layered Paynes Gray in successive washes, scrubbing about half of it off with […]

Well, I’ll be jiggered. For months, nothing really exciting on the bird front–the slate-sided juncoes returning was the only recent highlight, and it’s just been the same usual visitors, and I’ve been sufficiently busy that I hadn’t commented too much. And just now, I look out the window, and there’s a bloody huge woodpecker on […]