Another Tinfoil Hat Moment…

So I was going out to coffee with my friend Kathy, and we were talking about pheonixes, and chickens and the resemblances thereof. And I said “Dude! There was this chicken–I saw this calendar–I didn’t buy it, because I mean, somebody usually winds up getting me a calendar for Christmas, and they’re cheaper after the new year, so I usually hold off–”

I should probably have noticed that silence had fallen on that side of the car, but when weird chickens are involved, my enthusiasm tends to run unchecked.

“–but it had these chickens, right? “Extraordinary Chickens” or something, and they had the bizarre hairdos, and one of ’em was–”

“Ursula,” said Kathy quietly.


“I bought you that calendar.”

There was a brief moment while we reflected on the unlikeliness of this.

“I saw it and thought “That’s totally Ursula.”


“So, uh–surprise!”

“Well, hey, at least you know I’ll love it!”

We spent the rest of the afternoon occasionally shaking our heads and going “chickens!” and giggling.

My friends know me too well…

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