People may have seen these already, but just in case, the two latest uploads from the art frenzy…

So far this morning, got a whole bunch of prints set to mail, filled out my Anthrocon Dealer paperwork, and currently working on a “Digger” as I scramble on my backlog.

Despite all this–and despite a commission and a set of book illos and all the remaining Diggers, and a few more commissions that I need to start–I feel oddly at loose ends.

It’s because the Con season is over, of course. When you work for over a month with one singular goal, it tends to consume your brain a bit–when you work from July through November with your brain jumping from Con to Con to Con, it becomes like walking up a really really long staircase when you’re dog-tired–your brain gets so fixed into just one more step and just one more step and just one more step that you trip on a perfectly flat floor when you get to the top, and stand there staring at your feet for ten minutes, because where the hell did the steps go?

I’ve got plenty to do. I have a whole sketchbook of stuff to do if I run out of the stuff I HAVE to do, and James has about sold me on doing a full series of Gearworld pieces with an eye to trying to have an actual physical show at an actual physical gallery (madness! but tempting madness, and I can always try to sell it on-line if it bombs…) But not having that enormous looming goal at the end of the tunnel has me feeling sort of adrift, anyway.

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