Put in a thirteen+ hour day yesterday. (Fifteen plus nap and some time burned playing Peasant Quest when I couldn’t stand painting any more.) This may not sound like a lot, but I’m only UP for fifteen hours a day. Busy ass day. Got a Herculean amount done, particularly in the evening. I work a lot faster and with a sort of dogged efficiency after about 9pm. It’s weird–from 4pm to 5pm, it’ll take me an hour to perform the most menial of artistic tasks. But a coupla hours later, wham, I’m a machine.

Despite the fact that I’m much more productive in the evenings, I don’t stay up late painting, because if I get my schedule too far outta whack to James’s, I’ll be forced to cook my own meals, and that would be bad. And I do pretty well in the mornings, too. However, given the increasing depths of swamp–just got another project falling from a great height onto my noggin–I may have to start pulling later nights for a couple of weeks. Yesterday I did a page of Digger, an illustration heavy page of the frog reader, some sketch alterations, and six (six!) interior illo roughs. Today, more of the same.

The next installment of dodofish and pink lizard wants to come out, but it’s gonna have to take a number and wait…

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