Monthly Archives: June 2004 I loved the king penguins from the “Polar Court” painting, and wanted to paint another one, and somehow, talking to a buddy of mine, the conversation wandered to penguins and deserts, and they clicked together. I could see this penguin joining the Foreign Legion to get the hell out of the Antarctic, and then […]

Took a nap. Had a bizarre dream that was shot almost exactly like a computer game. It was a sort of mobeius strip design, like all those old Sierra games–you started at the top, outside, and went into this mountain full of old mine shafts, bridges, weird bolt holes, etc. Heat poured out of one […]

My buddy Kathy and I went for a walk despite the heavy rains today. (It is a testament to my keen powers of observation that I realized there was a thunderstorm on just after the thunder rattled the windows.) And as we were walking along this green belt, we saw little teeny tiny froggies. They […]

Slice of Life

Ursula: “I’ve been having these really gory dreams lately, and I don’t know why.” James(cooking breakfast): “Mmm.” Ursula: “It’s not like I’ve seen anything gory recently.” James: “Well, maybe you need to.” There is a bizarre kind of logic to James’s universe, but after ten years, I don’t know if I’m any closer to figuring […]

I have this theory that the more work you have to do, and the more swamped you are, the more grandiose and elaborate your vision for personal art gets. This sucker was twice the size I usually work. I initally just wanted to paint tile, but y’know. (And yes, that’s a lemming.)

I had nightmares for most of the night. It was kinda crappy. They weren’t, however, the soul-killing recurring nightmares that occasionally plague even my happy-go-lucky sleep (teeth falling out, starving animals in cages, stabbing thing that just won’t DIE, goddamnit) or even the low level moving-and-packing anxiety dream that will probably go away after a […]

There was an absolutely furious yammering going on out on the deck–it sounds like somebody running a gravel-filled squirrel backwards through a rusty wood chipper. I finally got up to see what it was, and discovered a juvenile pine warbler clinging to the tree next to the suet bar, screaming/chattering its head off. A woodpecker […]