Monthly Archives: June 2004

Sometimes I feel like I’m living in an aquarium. No, it’s not any great transparency to my actions. It’s that I have sliding glass doors, don’t draw the shades, and at night, the light draws the bugs to beat against the glass. We live butted up against one of those we-can’t-put-houses-so-this-is-now-green-space creek things, even for […]

Posted an article over at the Gamethink blog about the process of doing art for RPGs. If you’re interested in a Cliff Notes version of the process, (and if you like games and gaming, it’s an interesting blog on the more intellectual side ‘o gaming) check it out! And while I’m at it, on […]

Slice of Life

Another late night conversation… James: “You know, the millipedes don’t even bother me anymore.” Me: “They bother me.” James: “It’s not like they even bite.” Me: “They can spray cyanide.”* James: “So?” Me: “So? So? I don’t see YOU spraying cyanide!” James: “….well…no…” Me: “All right, then.” *This is true.

Broke down and bought a copy of “Wolves of the Calla.” At least it was 20% off. I can handle waiting for a book to come out in paperback in most cases (There are those whom I break immediately and buy–McKinley, Pratchett, Tepper, Gaiman, Martin–but usually I can wait.) but having the next one come […]

Man, this week went by FAST. I mean…really…really…fast. Like a..really…fast…thing. Presumably I got some work done, but since the week seems to have lasted about five minutes, I’m not actually sure. The Digger t-shirt contest ends! Thank you, everybody, for participating–we got a lot of great entries. We’ve got two that I liked, that will […]

Saw the new Harry Potter movie. Not spoilering enough to bother with a cut–if you can’t bear to know anything about it, avert thine eyes. Definitely the best of the three. The previous two, unfortunately, were very close to the book in some regards, and thus suffered badly as movies. This one worked well as […]