More Fun With Elfwood

Haven’t gotten any really good Elfwood comments in awhile (and by “good” I mean “baffling” or “insulting in a fun way”) but this gave me a chuckle.

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| At Sun Jun 13 04:31:51 2004
| Anonymous
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| Referring to: ursula/ufrogkachina.jpg
| “Good but in my opinion, i hate it…Its not it isn’t good,
| its the frog. I dont like animals as humans”

Anthros, of course, aren’t to everyone’s taste, but I can’t get past “Good but in my opinion, i hate it” as a great opening line. And useful! “How was that movie?” “Good, but in my opinion, I hate it.” “Is your food okay?” “It’s good, but in my opinion, I hate it.” Baffle your friends! Confuse your foes!

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