Had a dream last night that I went to Mt. St. Helens, and they’d put in this…I dunno what. Like one of those rides at Disneyland full of the animatronic characters, except you walked. Anyway, the place was a maze full of these bizarre scenes with animatronic characters that had no real relation to one another–there was one of Mayan princes praying around a stone pool full of basalt and dormant sea anenomes (you know, the way they turn into little squishy green donuts when the tide goes out?), and the next one would be some kind of bizarre thing on the horrors of conformity straight out of Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” with rows of people made out of tweed and suit buttons, and the next one would be out of “It’s a Small World.” Very odd. I wound up in the gift shop, looking at little stuffed animals. They had a stuffed mandrill baboon. I remember that fairly vividly. They also had an adult section, making them one very odd gift shop, but I didn’t go in, so I couldn’t say what was in there.

Why all this had been built on a semi-active volcano, I have no idea. My subconscious has a very poor sense of zoning, obviously.

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