Monthly Archives: February 2004

Since everybody’s talking about it, and even my father mentioned it in a recent e-mail*, and as an outgrowth of a comment I left on spacehyena’s journal, I feel like reiterating my stance on gay marriage–forgive me if this is a repeat, since I know at least half the people I’m preaching to are members […]

Large, absurdly spotted bird on suet feeder. Book says it’s a wood thrush. Like Noah’s bloody ark outside–and it’s snowing, for god’s sake! When the weather actually gets nice it’ll be like something out of Hitchcock back there! Edit: It’s not a wood thrush, but the nearly identical brown thrasher, the only difference being eye […]

The woodpeckers really seem to like the hot pepper suet. Our local red-bellied woodpecker (which species does not appear have a red belly at all) has been hanging around it all morning. I also spotted another woodpecker, on the side of the house where the trees get thinner, a dark salmony creature with a very […]

Ladies and Gentlemen…we have internet. And there was much rejoicing. I am slowly but surely plowing through my e-mail backlog. If you needed something from me but haven’t gotten a response, and if I don’t respond by the end of today, please re-email and I will be delighted to answer. In other news, after about […]

Today is…blah. Webmail doesn’t work worth a damn–half my messages aren’t sending. Speakeasy is appalling, and after days of lousy customer service and getting jerked around, then being told our only option was to shell out an absurd amount of money to have someone come out and fool with it, we cancelled our DSL order […]

Note to Self: When you’ve spent three days drawing this really elaborate library scene for a comic and you’re gettin’ really punchy, do not assume that no one will notice the increasingly silly titles on books. Not only will your loyal-way-beyond-what-you-deserve readers sprain their retinas squinting at “History of the Cosmos–the First 50 Years” and […]

One of the minor sorrows of lack of reliable net is that I’ve mostly stopped reading Elfwood comments–I get the comment mailing, but opening ’em is tedious and slow and since my ego can fast for weeks at a time without feeding, I usually don’t bother. However, today while waiting for my computer to save […]

New visitors to the feeder today included an Eastern bluebird (mmm…blue!) and a male cardinal, which even I can identify without the use of a bird book. There’s also this little brown critter that looks like a nuthatch, but is…well…brown. It’s not a brown capped nuthatch, since its whole body is brown, and it has […]