Monthly Archives: February 2004

I have a zit on my forehead. Normally this would not be something I’d regale you with, O readers, since A) it’s icky, and B) despite being twenty-six, my adolescent acne never really vanished, only went mostly dormant, so it’s not really an event. I’m not one of those unfortunate individuals who looks like the […]

Damn straight. This expresses, rather more clearly than I can, my disgust with the anti-Nader thing goin’ on recently. Blaming Nader for stealing the election from Gore is…god, metaphors fail. There were a great many people who didn’t vote, and a great many who voted for Bush, and we decide that All Fault In Perpetuity lies […]

Just to round out the shameless pluggery, only one day left on the Digger cover auction! My buddy Kathy is telling me that I gotta do a wombat beefcake auction–something silly of a buff male wombat leaning on a pickaxe. I confess, I doodled a sketch. It’s pretty silly. I draw the line at […]

Today started out with a bang, as James set my coffee cup down on my desk and I promptly knocked it over, sending scalding coffee cascading across my keyboard, desk, and thighs. The little birds at the feeder got more of a show than they probably wanted, as I did the frantic get-out-of-burning-jeans dance, while […]

Still Life with Squirt Gun

So Athena, our dumb-but-usually-friendly cat, has this bad habit of attacking toes in the night. I’ve mentioned this before, I’m sure. I don’t think it’s neccessarily her fault–James’s feet twitch when he sleeps as if he’s gotten his wires crossed and is having Rapid Foot Movement sleep or something, and the twitching Something under the […]

Spam in my in-box today informs me–I quote–“Over 72% of all women need a larger and thicker p e n i s to reach sexual orgasm.” Damn those women with their subpar penises! The joke’s been made before, but I’ll make it again ‘cos it’s late and I’m punchy–waking up one morning to discover that […]

Just to shamelessly plug–the very first (and so far, only!) Digger cover, a rare original in a mostly digital strip, is up for auction over at e-bay, starting at quite a reasonable price. Because hey, if it’s a wildly breakout hit that someday sweeps the world, think of the bragging rights!