Monthly Archives: January 2004

Went to the bookstore today–James insisted I go get a book I hadn’t read a dozen times already, since I’ve been re-reading, as Xmas left us financially tapped for the nonce. He points out, quite rightly, that twenty bucks never bankrupted anybody, and it’s undoubtedly true that a Dean Koontz novel rarely gains anything with […]

Allergies and art occasionally don’t mix. If I’m working on a physical painting, I need a paper towel to blot, smear, lift, and otherwise abuse paint. Generally, living in the perpetual snuffly twilight of the allergic, I also require a Kleenex. You can probably see where this is going. Not unlike dipping one’s paintbrush into […]

Fans of historical weirdos–god, I love!–may be intrigued to know that today is the anniversary (in 1611) of the conviction of Elizabeth Bathory, the blood countess–yes, that one, with the sadism and the weirdness and most notably the bathing in vats of virgin blood to stay young–on 610 counts of murder. As horrible as […]

Update on Digger Donation sketches! Took me a while to get these out–you don’t want to know how many times I drew Digger, and the holidays put the kibosh on everything–but realizing that I just needed to address these envelopes, I have done so at last! So the next wave will be going out tomorrow. […]

And the new year is off to a rousing idiot thumping start! The person who accused me of plagerising my own work, then apologized, is now accusing me again, because–one quotes–“I’ve seen it around.” I thought, in the spirit of kindness and humanity, of being kind and patient and explaining it once again, in small […]