Monthly Archives: January 2004

Listening to NPR…they had an hour with a neurologist who was studying hypergraphia–the desire to write!–which is evidentally a recognizeable brain chemistry in some people (she mentioned that it’s symptomatic of certain types of temporal lobe epilepsy) and by extension the sort-of opposite, writer’s block. While writing was her thing, she mentions that it appears […]

James, in a typical conversation that began with “Smell my finger!” and ended with “Pardon me while I kiss the sky!” posed the following intriguing question, which answer I do not know. Do whales have mucus in their blowholes? (Translated from the original James.) And I’d add, do they sneeze? Do they get stuffed up? […]

And it occurs to Ursula, suddenly, that it is almost time for the annual pilgrimage to the Altar of Probably-Futile-But-I’m-Trying-Anyway-Goddamnit. I speak, of course, of submitting work to the Spectrum annual, which I better do tomorrow, since if I wait until after the trip, I’ll be so busy I’m likely to forget. I’ve submitted faithfully […]

I should be working. Actually, I am working. However, I must interrupt my work to present the following appalling truth to the world. Bottlecaps. I love ’em. I drink enough Coke to singlehandedly keep a third-world country oppressed, and some of my favorite candies are gummi cola and Bottlecaps, because they pander to this Cokelust […]

My thanks to everyone who suggested mottos–there were some really good ones, but in the end, I had to go with the classic: I despise the arrogant wombat. In case anyone doesn’t know the origin, I once had a troll with a questionable grip on either the language or consensual reality leave some truly bizarre […]

The nice people over at Silver Bullet Comic Books want to do a creator profile on me, which is great and I’m flattered. However, they want to know my personal motto. I stared at the “personal motto” blank and the halves of my brain rose up, gabbling, like a flock of geese who’ve just spotted […]