Monthly Archives: December 2003

It’s one of those days out that’s so agonizingly glorious it hurts. The air is exactly room temperature, so it feels as if the outdoors is indoors and just has really good skylights. It’s magnificent. I was taking the trash out when my attention was caught by a flock of pigeons, circling. They were circling […]

Okay, continuing the alternate linguistics thing…this is a weird one… There’s a game kids play where you sit in a circle and a kid walks around the outside, naming each kid…”Duck…duck…goose!” and there’s much running and screaming and falling and skinning of appendages. My whole life, I head “Duck duck goose.” Moved to Minnesota, and […]

At long last, photos of Sheepy! I had to take ’em outside for lighting, since my studio rendered her(?) robes a flat black hole, so forgive the crappy and overexposed backgrounds. (If anyone has advice for photographing sculpture gracefully, I’d love to hear it–I’m in the dark!) Sheepy is 9.75 inches high by 6.5 […]

Woo! Well, today was a good morning–my article on getting into webcomics and how I make “Digger” went up over at the Sequential Tart website, (a site pretty much about comics, aimed at getting more women into the field and so forth) and I will now shamelessly plug the thing. Plug! Plug! Plug! There’s a […]