Monthly Archives: December 2003

Well, after long consultation with the vet, we’ve decided that there’s not much we can do. Loki won’t eat, won’t drink, and is obviously seriously ill. Even hospitalization, because of his see-sawing diabetes, will cost nearly a thousand just to get him stabilized (his severe anemia makes over-hydrating very dangerous, since that’d lower his red […]

I have angered the gods. That’s the only possible explanation. Sure, Loki’s sick and decided not to eat again, but I can handle that. Sure, my root canal hurts like blazes, but that’s only pain, I can handle that. I was, in fact, sitting in my chair thinking “Okay, I can handle this.” And then […]

Root canal went okay. Hurt a bit. Got more Novocaine halfway through. Dentist warns that because I was feelin’ some pain during, I will probably have “significant pain” tonight. Wrote me a prescription for MegaUberVicodin (i.e. take one every eight instead of two every six.) Part of the reason I like this dentist is that […]

Got Loki’s test results back. They weren’t good. They weren’t bad. Actually, nobody can tell what the hell they were. So far as the blood test shows, Loki isn’t diabetic. His urine glucose (what I test at home) is ungodly high, but his blood sugar is actually subnormally low, and a lot of the other […]

On a much, much happier note, Comixpedia did a year-in-review of webcomics article, which included some very nice things said about “Digger.” IwillnotchokeIwillnotchokeIwillnotchoke… (I think on some level I’m afraid that as soon as people start thinking my work is promising, the pressure will get to me, I’ll panic, and they’ll find me swinging from […]

In Which Ursula Contemplates Death and Feels Oddly Better About Her Own Mortality

So today I was moping and thinking about Loki passing this mortal coil, which of course he’ll do eventually, even if we weather this particular crisis. And I found myself glumly thinking that benevolence is undoubtedly the rarest commodity in nature, and thus it’s probably not terribly likely, if there’s an afterlife, that there is […]