Monthly Archives: December 2003

Gradients in the Sky with Diamonds

The sunset outside is neat. For the legendary Arizona sunsets, it’s nothing astonishing, the orange-and-red blaze hasn’t happened yet, but it’s still a sort of soft, lovely grade from blue to warm canary yellow–without–and this is the important bit–without ever once turning green. How you can go from blue to yellow while resolutely avoiding green […]

Obviously it’s just the month for Digger publicity! Interview with yours truly went up in the Modern Tales newsletter if any of you wanna read yet again about…well…”Why wombats?” (We also covered the fact that Digger is rather less violent than many of the strips at Graphic Smash, and a bit about the transition from […]

Today, I learned a new word! I’m reading a book by Thomas Cahill on the impact the Jews had on civilization–much as I am pretty down on organized religion in general and still privately nursing the grudges of my youth against Christianity in specific (Hey, at least I’m admitting it!), he makes an excellent case […]

One of the small amusements of the day… I’m an app reviewer over at Yerf, as many of you probably know, and I have occasionally seen indignant sour-grapes posting smeared ‘cross the net claiming that in order to get into the snobbish halls of the Yerf elite, you gotta be friends with Yerfites, who will […]

Today I went to…the Hello Kitty store. James’s niece, despite the best efforts of her family, is very girly, very into pink and Barbie and Hello Kitty. I drew the line at Barbie, which meant that someone had to go to the Hello Kitty store for her Christmas present, and somehow, for reasons I’m still […]

Okay, enough misery for a while…I am so tired of moping. So we’re gonna talk about masks. Does anybody know anything about mask making? I’ve been sort’ve poking at the idea as an outgrowth of these sculptures–not wearable masks, neccessarily–but there’s something so terribly symbolic about a mask, even just as wall art. I’ve seen […]