Monthly Archives: December 2003

Continuing with my unhealthy fascination with the Lord of the Rings (and Weaving as Elrond,) I’ve got another one for you Tolkeinophiles which, oddly enough, doesn’t have that all that much to do with the movie. Is Elrond a half-elf, or not? I mean, in “The Hobbit” he’s Elrond Half-Elven which I assume is a […]

So we’re moving. Again. Across the country. Again. Shortly after moving here, the company James worked for was found floating upside down in the fishbowl, and the job went away, forcing us to subsist on my art income for several months until James picked up some contract work. (There’s nothing quite like having painted frogs […]

I swear to god, cats get weird to fill the void. Following the demise of Loki, Athena has…done…something or other. I know she’s been under stress, losing her buddy, and I’m wondering if it’s triggered something, ‘cos unless I’m nuts, our six-year-old spayed female seems to have gone into heat. She isn’t doing the waving […]

Fellowship of the Ring was on cable tonight, so I’m watching it, for the…errr…fifth or sixth time, I imagine, prepatory to seeing ROTK tomorrow. And damnit, I know he’s a traitor, I know he’s only in the first movie, but damnit, I like Boromir. He was so much more sympathetic in the movies. It’s not […]

Went to the zoo today…hadn’t gone for awhile. The cooler temperatures–it’s about 70 out–yes, in mid-December, ha!–brought the animals out during the mid-afternoon, so I got some great Charismatic Mammal shots, and of course, my favorites, the Weird And Awkward Mammal shots. The warthogs were snuffly and warty. The capybara was wet and drippy. The […]

I confess, I am sneakingly proud…today’s Digger marks the end of Chapter One! The plot is roughly outlined as far as Chapter Seven, with points after that marked as “Here There Be Something Other Than Dragons” although Chapter Six could easily flower into a coupla more, depending on how I’m feeling at the time. (I […]