I realize, yet again–man, Loki was a nice cat.

Athena, taken to the vet, hid in the sink; hissed, spat, and writhed during the temperature taking; tried to bite me (realized who I was at the last minute, pulled it); tried to bite the tech; clawed the tech; sulked in the sink; tried to bite the vet, and generally made a nuisance of herself.

Loki, taken to the vet, would yowl plaintively, but would take anything up to and including a catheter without fighting back. I have a feeling I’m not gonna see a cat of that temperment again.

Anyway, Athena’s fine, except for rather overfull anal glands, which were duly expressed (a job made easier by her…um…”self-expression” in outrage all over the vet) and I’ll spare you the details, since they involve words like “chunky” and pose a threat to contented dining. We gotta take her back in a month, but chronic anal gland problems are so insanely rare in cats that the vet’s not real worried–she said it was probably stress or some random thing. So that was good.

The things I do for love…

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