Monthly Archives: September 2003

Just to prove that I am not going to make a habit of these lengthy sagas, you gotta check out this link I was sent, with the heading “Dante Gabriel Rossetti lamenting the death of his wombat.” I can’t quite read all the text, alas, but it still gives me the giggles.

Well, contrary to my earlier fears, people seemed interested in my long-winded ramblings about the creative process (or possibly there is nothing good on TV today!) And indeed, I got an e-mail asking for further clarification on my plotting technique, and comparing it to the writer’s own experiences in writing classes. And I figured, what […]

So this morning I finished up the 37th page of “Digger” and uploaded it to Graphic Smash, thereby getting my buffer extended out to November. And that’s not bad. Monday we launch, and I’ll be updating daily for two weeks to clear through the fairly extensive backlog (otherwise, it’d be Christmas before any new strips […]

September 11th. I got nothin’ to say. It’s all been said. Nothing I can say at this point about tragedy or patriotism or politics or media saturation can add anything, there are no pithy quotes from great men that have not already been quoted, no minds that can be changed, no tears that have not […]

Well, Coppercon ended. It was…so-so. Didn’t sell anything in the art show, which susprised me a little–I knew things like the wombat tarot are always a total long shot, but I’d figured the kirin acrylic would probably go. Then again, observation would indicate that the art going was mostly inexpensive matted prints in the winged […]