Monthly Archives: September 2003

More or less on a whim, I picked up the Baldur’s Gate II Collection yesterday–I couldn’t remember if I’d played it or not. Starting up, the first room was familiar, and nothing afterwards, leading me to believe that I must’ve abandoned it very quickly. But it’s all good, because this is exactly the sort of […]

Deep in the night, James woke me up to say “R.” I said “What?” “R!” This was not a piratical “ARRR!” or even a sea lion-ish “AWR!” This sounded like someone asked what letter came after Q. “Huhngh?” “It’s talk like a pirate day! R!” “That’s the worst pirate I’ve ever heard.” “Avast, me havarti!” […]

Found this tidbit at : Amateur art inspires me, because the person is trying their -hardest- to be noticed, whereas a professional produces masses of high-quality work with very little effort at all. My reply was fairly scathing and involved crack smoking, but I feel obligated to mention, just in case anyone out there is […]