In a fit of pure insanity, and to help out poor Gryllus who sounds frazzlified, I offered to help do app reviews at Yerf. I’ll try it for a month, and then we’ll see how matters stand. I did a bunch already, and now I’m simply waiting for the tide of horror to roll in…

Ah, well, s’good for the soul.

In other news, had a reeeeally odd dream last night. It was one of those that get wrapped up with hitting the snooze button, so that whenever you hit the snooze, it triggers some kind of event in the dream? Well, I kept getting these bizarre pictures that would sort of waft down from the abyss and fall past, and I’d have to catch them and look at them. Every time the snooze went off, I’d hit ‘it, and catch one. I can’t remember them very clearly, unfortunately–what bits I remember are largely derived from the James Christensen work I was looking at yesterday evening–but I was really gripped by them for some reason. So I asked the girl with me–who was in some way part of, or sinisterly entwined with one of the paintings, where they came from. “They’re from Ghent,” she told me. (Interestingly enough, I knew exactly how it was spelled, too.)

Ghent? What the hell is Ghent?

Well, according to Google, Ghent is a city in Belgium. I don’t remember ever hearing about it, and I have no idea why my snooze button dreams would derive from there, but that’s what the dream girl said.

As usual, can’t remember the images worth a damn. Which always makes me wonder if my dream actually manufactured the images, or merely the excitement of seeing them–in other words, was I dreaming I saw cool images, or was I dreaming that I was excited about seeing cool images? Seems like the second one would be a lot easier to manufacture than the first…

Ghent. Huh.

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