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Amateur art inspires me, because the person is trying their -hardest- to be noticed, whereas a professional produces masses of high-quality work with very little effort at all.

My reply was fairly scathing and involved crack smoking, but I feel obligated to mention, just in case anyone out there is laboring under this misapprehension, that there is not some mystic point where they hand you your Professional Artist Wand and it all becomes effortless. (Or else I missed being handed my wand. Damnit, Money Frog! I told you to answer the door while I was out!)

Art is always hard. Sometimes it’s glorious and fun and delerios and sometimes it flows, but even on the flowingest day of your life, it’s still always effort. Being a professional just means that it’s hard, plus someone else has an idea in their head about it you have to meet, plus you may not eat this week.

But y’all knew that already.

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