Finally finished that damn dwarf painting that I was kicking around for a week or so…

That Damn Dwarf Painting

I like the bald dwarf, myself. I dunno why.

I am reminded for no apparent reason of a moment in a Shadowrun campaign when, having finally won to the heart of the twisted magical ruins, defeating dog-men run by a cybernetic Doberman and fighting a pitched battle with a gargoyle on a cliff (And they laughed when I designed a gargoyle hunting spear! They laughed! But who was laughing THEN?! MUHAHAHHachk…! *cough* Anyway…) winning through the soul-sucking evil Door and the giant landsquid in the elevator shaft, and the illusory sleeping dragon and the flying monkey with the foot-long fingernails, we finally got to the great Wizard to beg his help–it was kind’ve like a twisted Wizard of Oz thing goin’ on–and he demanded a rather weird price of each of us. My samurai had to give up her sword (that hurt!) we left one of the NPCs to serve a year’s service, and our poor dwarf had to give up all his body hair, which naturally left him deeply depressed. I tried to console him by saying (somewhat anachronisticly) “Hey, cheer up! Patrick Stewart won sexiest man of the year two years running!” To which he morosely replied “Yeah, but even Patrick Stewart had pubic hair.”

NOW you see why you people don’t want to hear about my RPG characters? Damn straight…

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