Went out, got a cat liter pan and some aquarium gravel so I can collect urine so I can test Loki’s ketone and glucose levels. Fun stuff. While I was there, after petting the adorable pit bull puppy and detaching the labrador puppy from my hand, I saw containers of catgrass. I thought, “Hey, why not?” Athena licks everything, all the time, maybe she’s deficient in some mineral. Thus function impulse buys.

Whether she’d benefit from the cat grass, however, is yet unknown, because as soon as I set it down, Loki shoved his whole face in it. I have never seen a cat act quite so much like a small cow. Attempts to explain to him that cats are carnivores, not grazers, have produced no results, perhaps owing to Loki’s woefully deficient background in natural history. Perhaps I should get some little charts. Meanwhile, he’s still face-planted in the stuff, making snuffly cud-chewing noises of delight.

And now, to make more prints. Urgh.

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