Well, the first Gothbat sketch auction closed at a nice figure, so I posted the second. And I also took the plunge, bit the bullet, admitted to myself that this thing had lived in a box for three years and I never so much as glanced at it, and put up a sketchbook from 2000, which contains the original pencils for a slew of paintings (and I do mean a slew.) It’s all over at Furbid, if anyone’s interested.

Shameless Money-Grubbing

Other than that, I’m mostly kicking around today, contemplating starting another mega-scribble piece and re-reading “Bellwether” by Connie Willis, who is one of my all-time favorite sci-fi authors. “To Say Nothing of the Dog” is one of the only time-travel stories I’ve ever enjoyed, (I hate time travel. Idiotic premise.) along with “The Anubis Gates” and…that’s about it, really. “Doomsday Book” wasn’t bad. Did I mention that I hate time travel? Can’t stand it. It generates plot holes exponentially. You’d need a time machine just to have enough time to list them all. I have completely lost track of what I was saying, but anyway, Connie Willis is good.

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