Monthly Archives: April 2003

So the headlines trumpetting “Chemical Weapons Found!” were smeared across website after website in hysterical fonts, and everywhere, news editors widdled themselves in delight. And then about an hour after that, the report came in that no, chemical weapons HADN’T been found, it was a bloody herbicide because they have–gasp–agriculture in Iraq, and by some […]

Groggy quote of the morning: “I’m not sacrificing myself for a cause! I have principles!” Says James, who is tolerant of my early-morning groggies, “I think you mean you don’t have principles…” “No, damnit, I…it’s the principle…thing. Is there coffee yet?” My allergies got me up in the middle of the night. It’s this […]

As moving looms on the horizon, and settles from a “god-I-wanna-move” into a “thank-god, we’re-gonna-move” state, as the u-hauls get reserved and I start eyeing boxes with the predatory air of a wombat eyeing a particularly tasty nugget of Purina Wombat Chow, joy is not unmixed. Now that we’re moving, we have to face the […]

Oh, the shame of it all… Yesterday the conversation came around to childhood pets as James was cooking, and I was wandering around trying to look useful. We were discussing the various traumas of pets that met their makers, and I said, in all innocence, “When I was really young, I had a cat named […]

Today…I worked. Despite a bit of bumpiness starting out doing some work for Hogshead Games (they want some interior illos, and we’re still in the ironing-out-the-process stage) it’s all good–the bumpiness, for once, is not a what they want vs. what I got frission, but the fact that my art liason is an expectant father […]

It’s rare that you come back from the taxman feelin’ cheery, but I just did–taxes this year ran over two grand less than I’d planned for, (and quite a lot less than I’d feared), which is all money we can spend on moving. Hot damn! I could actually buy furniture! Like real non-dumpster furniture! I […]

There was a tradition for awhile in my family that on April Fool’s, my mother and I would call each other up, and whoever worked it into the conversation first would say “I’m pregnant!” Then one year she called up around September and really was pregnant, and a lot of the thrill went out of […]