Monthly Archives: April 2003

Many thanks to everyone who helped me identify my mystery bird as a chickadee. Woohoo! The call is still monotonous, but at least it’s identifiably monotonous. Preparations to move proceed apace. In other news, a teenager in Fort Worth shot his face off with a potato gun. He was shooting frogs out of the potato […]

Mystical dreams about questing after a large white animal are such a trademark of myth and fantasy that they’ve jumped right over archetype and into cliche. White stags. White buffalo. White whales. White elephants. It’s a sign, man. And if I were a somewhat flakier type than I am, I would be devoting serious thought […]

Hogshead liked the submissions! Woot! Such a load off my mind. Now I just gotta finish gun-wielding gangster chick #3, and I’m home free… I have learned something today. I have learned that if you are wearing a tight tanktop and a large tattoo and you walk up to a geeky, nervous looking produce guy […]

Workin’ on my wolverine painting. This is…challenging. Being that it’s two feet by four feet on masonite, I am reduced to rather novel methods of working on it, such as propping it up on the couch and kneeling on the floor, draping it across the table and trying to prop up the sagging edges so […]

Well, crudmonkies. Just got back from the vet. Loki’s got diabetes. Shit. I pride myself on being a tough chick, and I’m confident that I can learn to give him a daily insulin shot–knowing how to wield a needle is probably something I should know anyhow, given that both my grandmothers had diabetes and I […]

Finished the takin painting! I dunno. While it looks more or less like I planned, I find that I’m not entirely happy with it as a companion piece to the camel. I think it’s not so much that I failed in the rendering–I mean, that’s pretty much what a takin looks like, alright, although I […]

Started the takin painting–a lot like the camel, it’s an 18 x 24 acrylic, close-up of the head. A takin is about halfway between a musk-ox and a mountain goat. We’ll see how it comes out. (No one will buy it, but I don’t care!) Gotta plan a few more physical anthro pieces for Anthrocon. […]

Reserved the truck. Going with Penske…unlimited miles sounds good, and they offer a discount through AAA. It’s official…assuming we secure an apartment when we’re down there, we will move on May 11th. I came home and ceremoniously packed The First Box (Knick-Knacks, Stuff, Non-Essential.) It still doesn’t feel real. I don’t believe for a second […]