Well, I got sniped for a really cool goat skull, but I won two nifty little mini Barong masks for quite inexpensively, so I’m happy. (And if one believed in malign influences and the effectiveness of the effigies of ferocious Balinese folk heroes in defeating them, my living room will soon be malign influence proof! I confess, this isn’t something that preys on my mind, but it’s good to know I’m covered just in case. Y’never know when a malign influence is gonna walk in and start putting its feet up on the coffee table and leaving hair on the soap.) Meanwhile, I spent much of today painting teeny little heads for a crowd scene for a cover, a maddening sort’ve exercise, even when I broke down and C&P’d heads for the back parts of the crowd scene (which are about ten pixels high and will be covered by copy ANYWAY.) But on the bright side, following some good anatomy advice from fellow artists, I got the details worked out on my brontothere birdwatcher, which will hopefully get more birds, beads, and tats tomorrow, and now I’m hammering away at the fifth page of the B&W “Digger” thing. Finally starting to get this black and white stuff under control, and having fun with it. My somewhat erratic storytelling gifts, however, seem to be more erratic than usual. Y’ever just go wander off on a creative tangent that’s pretty much nuts, with absolutely no idea of where it’s going in the long run, just hoping against hope that your hindbrain will find some brilliant way to tie it all together at the end? Well, we’ll see if my hindbrain is up to the challenge…

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