“Vernon is the right thing to read in times of woe, in times of joy, and when you are considering planting an invasive nonnative and know you probably need a stern talking to.” ~Elizabeth Bear
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    Blogging! Weird hand-drawn journal pages! Close-ups of bugs! Long, irate rants about potatoes!

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    Illustrations, selected artwork, and limited edition prints available for sale, as well as links to where to buy more prints. Home of the Biting Pear.

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    Books for kids and adults! Actually, adults can read the kid books if they want. I’m not here to judge. Also comics. Also short stories. There’s a lot going on here.

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    Podcasts which I write (and sometimes star in) and even some weird little interactive fiction games if you’re into that.

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  • I write & illustrate books, garden, take photos, and blather about myriad things. I have very strong feelings about potatoes.

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