Bryony & Roses

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  • “I found it exceptional – it is a well written story which is familiar, it had several fascinating twists on the old tale, and the characters were lovely.” ~Dear Author
    “This might be the first “Beauty and the Beast” story I’ve read where I don’t feel as if the romance requires apologetics to justify its existence. Bryony and her Beast are well-matched, and their story makes perfectly good sense.”


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Bryony and her sisters have come down in the world. Their merchant father died trying to reclaim his fortune and left them to eke out a living in a village far from their home in the city.

But when Bryony is caught in a snowstorm and takes refuge in an abandoned manor, she stumbles into a house full of dark enchantments. Is the Beast that lives there her captor, or a fellow prisoner? Is the house her enemy or her ally? And why are roses blooming out of season in the courtyard?

Armed only with gardening shears and her wits, Bryony must untangle the secrets of the house before she—and the Beast—are swallowed by them.

Content Warning: discussion of suicide


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