I’m Ursula Vernon–artist, blogger, children’s book author, and most important for our purposes, amateur gardener.

I’m obsessed with gardening for wildlife, with native plants, and with gardening in general. Come spring, you can’t keep me out of the yard, despite a desperate fear of deer ticks (which are legion out here.) My garden is currently located in Pittsboro, North Carolina, a typical Southeastern gardening experience–heavy clay, lots of deer, and a battle with invasive species that resembles the uglier moments of Waterloo.

I am very much an amateur. I grew up in Oregon, where my mother gardened, but spent a lot of time in Arizona and Minnesota, where I did not garden.  It’s only now that I’ve moved to the Southeast that I’ve started getting my own hands in the dirt, and most of what I know is from books and trial-and-error. If you want to know what’s eating your roses, you probably want to go someplace else. I am not an expert. All I’ve got is dirt and enthusiasm.

I share my gardening with my boyfriend Kevin (who totes a lot of heavy objects) a beagle named Gir (who pees on things and bays at the deer) a border collie named Brandon (who attempts to herd possums) and numerous cats (who aren’t allowed out in the garden.)

To check out my artwork, just hit the smoking chicken icon on the sidebar, and you’ll go to my gallery at Red Wombat Studio, where you can visit my main blog, Tea with the Squash God, check out my books and comics, and order artwork. If you’re looking for my children’s book site, however, please visit UrsulaVernon.com instead–it’s kid friendly, which Red Wombat Studio occasionally isn’t (and Tea with the Squash God DEFINITELY isn’t.)

Happy Gardening!