A Public Service Announcement

This is not a webcomic. It’s merely a series of related panels with word balloons.

The Mourning Cloak

Well, okay. One more. (Not a series!)

A Small Field Guide

Still exhausted. Have another bug.

I am tired down to the bones from all this travel and there is still work to do, but today I just played with rocks in the garden and took pictures of caterpillars. Some day soon I hope to be back on my normal work schedule.

Still Life With Katydid

Heading out tomorrow at the crack of godawful, to visit my parents, do a gallery opening, all that good stuff. I am already tired, so this may be the Death March of the Wombat. We’ll see. I shall leave you with a katydid. Seriously, check out that face. Also, I got a barred owl in […]

Spiny Oak Slug

Dude! Dude! Check this guy out! Happened to be looking in exactly the right spot while building my swale and went “Wait a minute, that’s not a normal leaf…” This is Euclea delphinii. He will turn into a brown moth with big green spots on his wings. While trying to learn more about him, I […]

Hello, Apatelodes!

Unless my Bug-Guide-fu fails me, this is Apatelodes torrefacta.┬áHe will turn into a really freaky looking moth, the Spotted Apatelodes moth (seriously, look that thing up! They’re freaky!) He’s a new one for the yard list, and a weirdly handsome little devil.

Trip to the Botanical Gardens

I love the NC Botanical Garden. When I’m traveling too much, going there makes me feel like I’m home and things are normal and I have a routine. Also, y’know, critters.

Random Things In The Garden

So my hickory tree—the big one outside my window—is being systematically defoliated by a pack of walnut caterpillars. They are large and look stingy, with their long white hairs, they congregate in groups, and they are quite large. Even a relentless friend of wildlife such as myself will admit to bein’ a little squicked out. […]

Grapevine Beetle

A handsome member of the scarab family, this rather large beetle showed up on the side of my garage. They eat wild and domestic grapes and Virginia creeper, although the damage they cause is so minor that most authorities suggest it’s not worth bothering controlling them. As we have no domestic grapes here, I’ve got […]