The Good, The Bad, And The Weedy

Good: There are spotted salamander spermatophores in my pond! (And also egg masses, lots of them, and some frog eggs, but dude, spermatophores!) Bad: I should not be allowed to go to the nursery with the huge selection of salvias without a minder. I, um, got a few more than I realized. Many of them […]

It’s a collection, damnit!

So I have this native plant collection. Seriously. I did a count t’other day, and there’s over a hundred different natives that I put in the ground, and that’s different species and doesn’t even include all the different variations (I hit a big plant sale late last autumn when they had a LOT of asters […]

Wine and Grumbling

Some days I think the sole purpose of the internet is to make me angry. Then I turn on NPR and wonder if the sole purpose of news of any sort is to make me angry. Then I dismiss this news-as-solipsism and go haul bags of manure, which tends to take the edge off. Very […]

Double Whammy!

Ecosystem Gardening and Beautiful Wildlife Garden were both kind enough to run guest posts of mine today! Sentimentality and Silk Trees Marvelous Mountain Mint Meanwhile, there are three white-throated sparrows poking around under the feeder. They’re nearly impossible to see until you catch the leaves moving, then hey, look at that, a sparrow!

A rose by any other name would not sell as well.

So Kevin cleared out the old playset from the backyard Sunday, and the result is just…incredible. We’d been saying for over a year that we needed to get rid of it, but being busy-and-lazy as we are, it didn’t happen until Kevin ran over one end with the riding lawnmower and couldn’t get it loose […]

They live!

Apparently nearly-ninety degree temps are what my garden was waiting for. It looks like half the plants grew an inch yesterday. The buttonbush broke dormancy and is getting buds, the tiny painted buckeye seedling is roaring along, and the wild quinine shot up so fast that I wonder if it’s overheard the local mosquitoes plotting […]