The Madness Is Upon Me

I really need to start a master list of plants I’ve given up on. It would be much more useful than “plants I’ve killed and will try again” which is a very very long list at this point. Also, when I make stark declarations in the middle of August that I am DONE this is […]

Lush and Ragged

August is the worst possible time to judge a southern garden, which is of course why I’m doing it. The whole garden needs work. The grass is long and needs mowing (and in some places, plain ‘ol weed-whacking) and the big established bed needs everything cut back and deadheaded and chopped. Stuff is sticking out […]


I was nearly done digging the pond.  I have gotten tons done on it in the last month, and I was looking down into the mucky hole and thinking “Hey! I might be done today!” and the very next shovelful of dirt, my back went “THWANNNNG!” “But Ursula,” you say, because you are a sensible […]

Thaw Smell

It is almost seventy degrees out. Tonight it’s going to freeze. I do not pretend to understand the weather. What I do know is that the thaw-smell is out in force, and it’s making my brain jitter. I’ve tried to describe the thaw-smell before, and I’m never sure if I can actually explain it. These […]

Winter Quiet

There is pretty much nuthin’ goin’ on in my garden at the moment. Okay, that’s an anthrocentric view. There is undoubtedly a lot going on at levels where I can’t see much of it–the mountain mint, for example, thought our snow and ice was downright cute and has put out an enormous thicket of leaves […]

Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch…

It is now cool enough in the morning that I can sit out on the front steps with coffee. This is an improvement. I still can’t do yardwork worth a damn, but I can at least sit there, and stare at the garden, and go “Why did I ever think that seven-foot-tall weirdass South American […]