We’ve moved!

If you were wondering why there have been no updates here for a while, it is because the garden blog moved as part of an overall re-design. You can see the new and improved version at http://garden.redwombatstudio.com/

Cloisters and Priest Gardens

I have lately developed a moderate obsession with monastery gardens. Mind you, I always liked monks. I’m a lousy Catholic by any standards—the bit about not actually being a Christian is problematic, and my failure to be confirmed is worse and the fact that I never really liked the Virgin Mary* is REALLY bad—but I […]

The Day After Christmas

Twelfth Day of Christmas

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… twelve seed catalogs!   …eleven no great big hawks! …ten tufted titmice! …nine frogs a-croaking! …eight vultures circling! …seven spiky yuccas! …six types of milkweed! …fiiiive! naaaative! plaaaaants! …four hummingbirds! …three moorhens! …two mourning doves! …and a replacement for a Bradford pear tree! […]

First Day of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… …a replacement for a Bradford pear tree! Wretched trees, Bradford pears. They stink like dying tuna, they fall apart in snow or wind (the official reason is, I kid you not, “weak crotches”) and the bloody things sucker like the devil if they […]

As Good An Explanation As Any

There is another kind of hunter, who never carries a weapon, who always sees the wildlife around him. He goes forth to discover and admire, not to kill. And since all living things, even plants, like to be loved and told how wonderful they are, they are not reluctant about showing themselves when this person […]

Fair Garden

The gardening show at the Fair was not quite so exciting as the other bits—and contained less deer-butt art—but there were some neat bits. I was very pleased to see a Native Plant Society garden there. (This time of year, everything’s a bit ragged locally.) There were some very…peculiar…little show gardens, about which the less […]

Rain at last!

Poured rain last night, re-filling the water barrels (one of which was getting rather nervously low, and the other of which I couldn’t use because it was full of tadpoles.) Thank god. We needed rain. (Not as badly as the Midwest does, but badly enough. Some of my newer plants were growing crispy-fried in the […]

I came, I saw, I composted!

I’ve made compost! I realize that this is both misleading and underwhelming for most readers, since I myself didn’t exactly MAKE the compost—that was various small to extra-small organisms—and composting is old hat for a lot of you. For me, however, successful compost is actually a first. As many of you know, I haven’t had […]

Pollinator woes…

Post of mine up over at Native Plants & Wildlife Gardens about the distressing lack of bees in my yard this year. Something of a downer topic, but you do get the mental image of Kevin saying “Who’s your daddy?!” to a vegetable. Meanwhile, still waiting for my latest experiment to cure. I laid the […]