Were-Wiener Day!

Today is the day Dragonbreath: Curse of the Were-Wiener hits stores!

People have been reporting them coming in from Amazon for a coupla days, and there was a big stack at the Bookmarks festival, so it’s not a strict release deadline, but nevertheless, if you go to your local bookstore, they may well have a copy!* And this one’s also available on kindle, which is interesting–I don’t have a kindle, so if anybody orders it that way, please let me know how it looks!

I’m really proud of this one. That’s not to say that the others suck or anything, but I feel like Were-Wiener is really stand out. And the potato salad returns!

*Just to clarify for people who have asked occasionally–pre-orders on Amazon are helpful for determining print numbers, which is good, but I also get paid less than half the royalties for things sold via Amazon.  So pre-orders on Amazon are good, but once it’s released, all else being equal, picking the book up at a brick-and-mortar store is better for the author. (We’re talking like fifty cents, so it’s not that big a deal–you note I link to the Amazon page above!–and you should feel no guilt for ordering from Amazon, but people have occasionally asked what gets the author the biggest chunk.)

Reports of its demise were greatly exaggerated…

Well, color me behind the times–Kirkus Reviews isn’t dead! They had announced that they were going to die, but apparently somebody bought them and they live to review another day.  (This all happened in February. You can tell I am really up on the latest news. On the other hand, if they find a weird fossil in Paupua New Guinea, I am all over it, so I guess it’s a matter of priorities.)

The survival of Kirkus is important for our purposes because A) we hate to see the demise of great institutions upon which many rely, and B) they gave Curse of the Were-Wiener its first starred review, including phrases like “impossibly droll escapade.” (And they even mentioned the Joseph Campbell joke! I’m so glad I slipped that in…)

Thank you, nice people at Kirkus! I would send you cupcakes, but people would assume I was trying to bribe you, and we don’t want that.

Review comes out July 15th, Were-Wiener is out September 16th, and if I don’t stop writing blog posts and checking Echo Bazaar and do some work, Ghostbreath will never come out at all.


We have good news from the agent. I can’t get into details, because we don’t have any, but it looks like they definitely want more Dragonbreath. Bread Wizard is also positive, but they don’t want to slow the momentum of Dragonbreath, so it will most likely happen, but not immediately. (Apparently sales is convinced that other publishers are gonna be doing books in this particular style, in part because Dragonbreath is doing well, and is determined that they not be allowed to get out ahead of us. I will admit that once I finished laughing hysterically, I felt bad for the hypothetical artist of these hypothetical books. I would like to meet them someday. We could weep in each other’s arms for awhile.)

I hear back early next week with hard numbers on how many and how much, but hopefully I’ll be gainfully employed for another year at least.

It occurs to me that there may actually come a day when a publisher dangles a check in front of me for sums that break my heart* and I wipe the drool from my chin and say, in broken tones, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so very very sorry, but I cannot do another Dragonbreath or I WILL DIE.”

But hey, it’s not today! I still got a couple of those left in me at least…

*Mind you, it actually doesn’t take much to break my heart financially. Deep down, I am still living in a one bedroom apartment with $300 a month rent, eating ramen and Hamburger Helper and having to spend my birthday money on toilet paper.