Cryptic Stitching

Well, as some of you may recall, way back last year I was fooling around with making a game on the StoryNexus engine, put out by Failbetter Games. They announced a few months ago that they’re not going to be developing for it any longer, because they’re very busy and there’s no money in it. […] Read more


So a big thanks to everybody who sent me links to Twine as an engine. I’m checking into that now for Cryptic Stitching, because…well…I couldn’t bear the thought of everybody in Cryptic Stitching vanishing into the aether. There’s so much I love about the world, and I want other people to love it, too. (Or […] Read more

Sunspot Journal

Sort of in recharge mode, I think, after all the travel recently. The Sheep game is a weird little visual novel game I started to learn the Ren’Py engine so I could do Cryptic Stitching, and now I switch back and forth and as I learn something on one, I have to go apply it […] Read more

Other Media

  Cryptic Stitching is a weird little text adventure game, currently being developed using the Ren’Py engine. (Yes, still in development! It has not been abandoned!) You can play the beta version for free at Story Nexus. The Hidden Almanac …is a weird little podcast that I do 3 times a week. Narrated by Kevin […] Read more


WombatIcon1 This will be a link to the blog! Full of bloggy goodness! Link to Art Art is hard. But here’s some anyway. Link to Writing Books for kids and adults! Mostly kids. Also adults. Actually, adults can read the kid books if they want. I’m not here to judge. Link to Games Play Storium […] Read more

Twine, Stuff, Games, Stories, Nothing Much

I’ve successfully ported approximately a quarter of the StoryNexus version of Cryptic Stitching over to Twine. The occasional card gets pruned, the occasional card gets added (there will be words about all those hamsterhide towels!) but mostly it’s holding pretty similar. Achievements are now much fewer, since I don’t need those markers to keep track […] Read more

So Let’s Talk About Patreon…

In the last few weeks, I’ve been getting occasional comments and e-mails suggesting I set up a Patreon account, which is a sort of patronage model where a “patron” sets up a monthly donation to a “creator” because they like what they’re doing and want them to continue. And I have mixed feelings about this, […] Read more

More Twine Thoughts…

So I’ve successfully–at least, I hope–at least, nothing looks broken–ported the prologue of Cryptic Stitching over to the Twine engine. (We’re a long way from playtesting, but rest assured, there will be a call for testers when we get there!) (Incidentally, if you are stuck or want to ask for hints or share what you’ve […] Read more

Call for Playtesters

Well, as of this evening, it is now theoretically possible to play Act I of Cryptic Stitching from beginning to end, following any of the three paths. More content needs to be added to flesh out some things, and StoryNexus hasn’t implemented an art upload function (although it’s supposed to be in the works) so […] Read more

Balancing Acts…

I sat down and playtested Cryptic Stitching (that being the name of my game) from start to farthest-point-along yesterday and was rather depressed to find that over a hundred cards = surprisingly little content. I got through it in about two hundred clicks or so, including some time spent grinding. (At forty clicks a day, […] Read more