I am tired, friends, and completely out of…everything. But let me give you what I have. I’ve posted three new chapters of Summer in Orcus, because we need comfort right now. It’s not much, but it’s a few thousand words you can spend among friends, and hopefully give your heart a brief respite.


Summer in Orcus

  • reply Heather R. ,

    Thank you, from one who is also tired, and also empty. It was a nice surprise.

    • reply hat_eater ,

      Where’s my warm blanket when I need one? Here. Right here.
      Thank you so much.

      • reply Lane ,

        Thank you for feeling our pain, and providing relief.

        • reply LinEllis ,

          War Pestilence Disease Discrimination Hate Injustice Cry a little cry. Grieve your grief. Then get up, dust yourself off, put your armour on and get back into the arena. Life is a battlefield my dear Always has been, always will be. This is certainly a set back but it is not an ultimate defeat. So let’s reform the shield wall and make love our banner.

          • reply Hazel W. ,

            Thank you. Sometimes a little comfort is the best possible thing.

            • reply Kirsten ,

              Thank you. I needed that.

              • reply Sara Jane ,

                Thank you Ursula! I’m really loving this story, helps fill me back up, for sure. (Hugs)

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