Morally Ambiguous Honey Badgers

Twitter went weird places this afternoon. All I have learned today is that clarity is hard, but honey badgers are surprisingly easy, and some day I should do a children’s book featuring honey badgers named Harry and Henrietta.

And then this sort of happened. (Henrietta is the one on the right.)

  • reply C. S. P. Schofield ,

    I see them as characters that our heroine encounters in the long awaited epic DIGGER’S WAY HOME.

    No pressure…..

    • reply Randy ,

      You have the most amazing sense of humor. Thanks for doing these (and the later ones). They’re priceless.

      • reply AndiM ,

        Love this honey badger picture! Are you doing any more Nurk books?

        • reply ursulav ,

          I have the sequel started–problem is really the publisher. They never bought any more, and they have the rights to the first one, so sequels are a hard sell. Hopefully some day!

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