Well, damn.

The older I get, the more often I have the melancholy experience of finding someone who’s work I really admire, looking them up on the internet…and discovering that they have passed away.

Often quite recently. Had I just looked up Akira Blount’s work a few months earlier, I could have sent her a fan letter telling it was beautiful.


I’ve been wanting to try doing a doll with a lot of natural twigs—lord knows I’m sitting on the frickin’ strategic reserve of the things—and she did it really really well. When I was looking up examples, her stuff came up over and over (and rightly so!)

Ah, well. Someday somebody will undoubtedly be saying the same thing about me.

I Was Informed…

…that I do not post enough cat photos.

I am apparently the only person on earth who has this problem, but far be it from me to fail to meet quota!


(I liked this shot because it sort of dramatically shadows Sergei’s missing eye. He likes to perch on the back of my chair, overlooking the backyard, if he can’t actually be IN my chair.)

The Great Office Migration

It has been four crazy days here in the House ‘o Wombat.

We moved Kevin’s office downstairs, and I took possession of the entire finished room over the garage, which is enormous and NOW IT’S ALL MINE.

(I have been coveting this space for YEARS.)

This table is made of an unfinished door bolted to four storage-unit-with-drawers thing. The units aren’t terribly cheap, depending on the kinds you get, but the door was a mere $26.

Brandon the Border Collie, who is supposed to be the real beneficiary of all this, is not sure WHAT to think. His person is downstairs! And not going back upstairs! But people live upstairs during the day! But his person is downstairs!

He is dealing with this confusion by sulking at the top of the stairs. Today he moved to sulking at the bottom of the stairs, which I think counts as the first step to acceptance.

While we were running around frantically moving bookcases, the very nice people at the JSquared Concept were running around frantically getting my new website up and running. (If you’re reading this on redwombatstudio.com then you’ve probably noticed!) It is shiny and has better shopping carts and all the useless links and no-longer-available merch went away. Most importantly, it is optimized for mobile devices and looks far better on them. (There will be some tweaking in the next few weeks–a couple of the headers are placeholders until I can get better art up, but I’m in mid-Dragonbreath, so we’re making do.)

On top of all that, we’re trying to upgrade the server, which has been running very slow because A) it’s old and B) somebody out there keeps trying to crash it and turn it into a zombie server or something. *shakes tiny fist*

And also the latest Dragonbreath art, all 160 illustrations, are due today. And I should be working on that, not blogging.

So…err…pardon our current dust!