Still not there…

digital, Painter 7, lots of scratchboard rake

It is a sad thing for the artist to be reduced to clutching her head and going “Is this what you wanted? Is this where you belong? Is this it?” To an image which is after all nothing but a collection of lines that she came up with in the first place.

It isn’t quite where it belongs, or how it needs to be rendered, but it’s a step. I think. I don’t even know any more.  Time to sleep on it, clearly.

Prints, in case anyone is interested in this succession of near-misses…

  • reply OmegaMom ,

    He/she/it is going somewhere. Take him/her/it where it wants to go. Then tell the story. There’s a story there.

    • reply Laura ,

      If it helps, I think it is getting closer?

      • reply woollythinker ,

        I actually think it’s rather beautiful. I also think “Still not there” is maybe the perfect title for this image. He’s clearly on a quest, and he’s not sure where it’s going either…

        • reply Talima ,

          I like this one. Looking for where the prints can be bought, so I can get one; I checked TopatoCo, but couldn’t find it.

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