Back to the Invisible Hand…

Let’s just make this easier…con prep is gonna eat my brain already this week…

Very Minor Sale of Very Minor Demon

Definitely thinking about the Seven Deadly Sins with him. A very clever buddy suggests that I could do a postcard set of 8, use this as the title piece, maybe, and sell ’em as a set. The minimum print run to turn a profit on that looks to be about 100, and I’d probably sell them for $10 or $12…if I can find a postcard place with satisfactory print quality, that’d be a cool thing to try. (It’d probably also be a limited edition set, because I suspect it will only take ONE drunken evening of my having to assemble the sets by hand in the living room to cause me to swear off ever doing it again. Ever.)

Anyway, something to contemplate if I manage to get the Seven Deadlies done, and if there was sufficient interest. *grin* Because god knows I don’t have ENOUGH on my plate.

Technicon prep this week, the art show is looking like it’ll be a half-dozen “NFS” pieces at this rate!–but hey, there are worse fates, and I’ll have prints!

I’ll also be debuting snazzy new lapel pins at this con–enameled metal, very slick, in three designs–Digger, Happy Cthulhu, and the Red Wombat logo. I’m thinking they’ll be $5 apiece at the table…have to see about mailing options, or if this is gonna be primarily a con exclusive.

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