So next month is Anthrocon, the main convention on my schedule, three solid days of madness and two solid days of driving. I have plenty of big art (…she says, thereby insuring that it will all sell in the next three weeks) for the show, and the last of the Naked Mole Rat Dreams prints, and one of the remaining Azezaelbunny prints, so all I really need are a half dozen of the small, inexpensive little vignettes, 8 x 10, 5 x 7, maybe a 9 x 12, to cover the lower end price range. And I need as many of those as I can hammer out.

Due to some scheduling changes, Trinoc is the weekend following Anthrocon, which means, with the driving, that I have exactly three working days between cons. Trinoc is a much smaller show, but I generally do okay with the small, inexpensive pieces in the art show, which are of course the ones that do well at Anthrocon too. (The big ones don’t sell, but that’s okay, I don’t really expect ’em to, and they usually go on-line at a higher price anyway.) And because it is a small show, and I’m an ex-GoH, and becoming a regular, they always give me as much art show space as I could want.

The end result of all this is that I need to work very hard for a month and not put any of it on-line until afterwards. And…I hate that. I like sharing my work when I’m enthusiastic about it, and post-con uploades tend to be huge dumps of art and drag like a death march. And I like the instant feedback. (I know, I know, I should be locked in my unheated garret despising the praise of the masses and working only in service of my Muse. It’s a good thing that’s a myth, because I couldn’t take it. I do work because I hope people will enjoy it. If I didn’t live in the days of the internet, I would probably be a stand-up comedian or something–laboring six months in solitude over a show and not knowing if anybody cares would break me.) But I gotta be disciplined! My willpower is as hard as the sugar gooey center of a Cadbury egg, but it must be adamant! We will sell no art before its time!

Well…unless it’s REALLY cool…

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