Took James in to the clinic, where they fit in a quicky check-up. It took approximately three seconds according to James–“Roll up your pant leg. Ha! Yup, textbook case. Congratulations. Here’s a prescription.”

So now he’s got three weeks of antibiotics. The doctor said that he was, indeed, very lucky to catch it a mere five days after the bite and to have such a classic and identifiable response.

So that was an exciting afternoon for everybody.

James came home for lunch, and said, with his usual cheer, “HA! You always thought the lung cancer would kill me–but instead it’ll be Lyme disease!” and rolled up his pant leg to reveal that overnight, his tick bite had metamorphisized into a gigantic red bullseye.

James already had a doctor’s appointment, but I’m getting him to call and see if he needs to be in right away. As we wait ten minutes for the doctor’s office to re-open to seek advice, one must contemplate–how the HELL do people get Lyme disease and not realize it? That thing’s the size of a friggin’ meteor crater.

Well, thank god we caught it in time to treat. I hope.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again…Bouguereau’s subject matters are pure, unadulterated cheese, but god, I wish I could paint like that.

Got up, after complicated Sith-related dreams, drowned brain in coffee.

Worked on Digger, putzed in the studio with some small neccessarily cleanings, then put in some work on Black Dogs. It’s not all that difficult to do, I’m finding, nor particularly time consuming, but I can only do it in short spurts. Still, I appear to be making progress, so that’s good.

Now I am staring vaguely into space. Hi, space! Definitely time to start a painting. I need to decide whether the rough I’ve got done is worth pursuing, or whether I should keep sketching and cook up something else. Not the easiest task, but still, an enjoyable enough way to spend a morning. Life is good.

Checking ye olde monitor, earnings for the month are on the low end for what I’ve been averaging this year, but still above the average for last year, so it’s all good. I think the commission moratorium actually helped my income, over all. Print sales still solid, original sales still goin’ well. LE prints are all over the board–sold out of two, haven’t moved jack of the other two. Hit or miss, I suppose, but then again, no less than originals, so it all works out. Definitely more data needed before I can draw any significant conclusions there–I have both ends of the bell curve and no bell in the middle!

Next month, gotta start the run of small Anthrocon paintings. I’ve got plenty of large ones, this time, and two big LEs, but it’s always the small ones that sell out, so next month I’ll need to get cookin’ on those, and then probably someone will buy my big paintings the week before and I’ll be left running around like chicken with head cut off.

But hell, if I didn’t do that, it wouldn’t be a convention!

Wow! Two art thefts in one year! A new personal best! I have arrived!*grin*

Somebody put up “Azezaelbunny” on DevArt. (With my description! The noive!) Now, say what you like about DeviantArt and their problems, they have always treated me VERY well. An Alert Reader brought it to my attention and reported it, I reported it, I went to the store and got pistachios, and by the time I came back, laden with pistachio-y goodness, it was gone.

My question, of course, is “Look, if you’re gonna steal art, why would you pick something that was on the top favorites of that site for two solid days?” I mean, obscure art, you maybe have a shot, there’s plenty of my stuff that hardly anybody would notice–*I* might not even notice, and in a few cases, largely revealed when I went through some of the Painful Older Work uploads, I’d be sort of grateful if you’d take the blame for it–but that one? Naaaah. Pick something not on the site, for cryin’ out loud.

So I got a good chuckle out of that.

Generally, of course, I don’t have this problem–my work, for whatever reason, is usually too weird or quirky or distinctive or obscure or whatever. So I generally find it pretty funny when somebody tries.

People keep telling me that the news graphic on the website is broken.

This would be easily fixable…except that there shouldn’t BE a news graphic. I have no idea what they’re seeing. Can somebody mosey over to and tell me if they see a news graphic, and if so, where the heck it is?

Edit: Fixed! Thanks, guys!

Side Effects of Distraction

I have been working on a painting with fiendish obsession–as in, I haven’t stopped all day. This means that I am a Digger and a quarter in the hole. I don’t care. I will slave over the wombat this weekend or something. I must finish this painting.

The side effect was that my right arm aches more or less from wrist to shoulder. I became aware of this eventually, got up distractedly, wandered into the bathroom for some painkillers, swallowed, and was halfway back to my seat when I thought “Heeeeey….did I just take a birth control pill?”

Yes. Yes, I did. My brain is on serious autopilot Probably a good thing that my pain was not sufficient to take two. Fortunately, we also have Advil…

Progress, Sort Of

Yesterday I started a painting. It was ambitious. I didn’t know if I could do it physically, because it had a realistic face, which are always nervewracking. So I carefully did the face first, in violation of the usual process, and lo! It came out pretty well. So I was happy. I can do decent faces in watercolor!

Then the background foiled me. Heh.

So it’s being re-done digitally, because I like it. But I did learn not to fear the watercolor human face as much, so that’s progress. Kinda.