Digger won an award over at Sequential Tart!


Although to be fair, competition for the category Best Webcomic About a Pragmatic But Tough Talking Wombat, the Semi-Ectoplasmic Shadowling Who Keeps Following Her Around, and the Various Warrior Clerics, Rat-Keeping Librarians, and Sentient Statues of Elephant-Headed Deities She Encounters When the Latest Tunnel She’s Digging Accidentally Takes Her to a Very Foreign Country couldn’t have been that fierce. But still, I was pleased.

Had an awful nightmare that I was coughing up handfuls of worms. Seriously disgusting. After expectorating several pounds of wiggly horror, I realized that there was no way I could have that many worms in my lungs or stomach and not be dead, and I started thinking about the X-Files episode where people were coughing up pins that had magically appeared in their throats because of voodoo or something, and from there, jumped to “Aha! These can’t be real worms! I’m coughing up whatever I’m thinking of, and since the worms creep me out, that’s make me cough up even MORE worms, etc.” Well, fine. Could I cough up something else then? Somehow I decided on a peacock statue (I am weird, yes) as the ideal test subject, concentrated, and then horked up a small lapis statue of a peacock, about the size of a jumbo pack of gum. It was a pretty crappy carving, not very defined, but it was undeniably a lapis peacock. “Aha!” I thought. “Then these can’t be real! Okay, everything not real, go away!” and by staring at them accusingly, managed to make the piles of worms and the peacock vanish, except for one small pile which was evidentally needed for DNA testing in a murder (although since I wasn’t the murderer, and the worms wouldn’t be much good at wielding knives, I have no idea how that was supposed to work.)

Anyway, it was pretty revolting and I was glad to wake up.